Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Trip Down the Memory Hole

Reader_Iam mourns the loss of any early love, and I go on a link-about.

There was a link missing on RIA's post, so I went looking for news about Jack Wild.

This led me to IMDb to check out Jack's career. He was 17 when he started playing Jimmy. I was never really a fan of that show but I don't remember Jimmy being that old. Did he look that young, or am I thinking of the wrong character/role? (I was more of a Sigmund and the Seamonsters fan.)

Anyway, this led my wife to ask "Whatever happened to Witchiepoo?" So I clicked on the Billie Hayes link. There's not much info there, but I did see that she had been a part of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special!

Plot Outline: Various comical Halloween skits featuring the cast members. Margaret Hamilton briefly reprises her role as the wicked witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. There are several musical performances by KISS, including the song "Beth".

IMDB user M. C. Brennan comments (and you should read the whole thing):

The best and most bizarre TV special ever made!


You have not lived until you've seen Peter Criss sing "Beth" to a middle-aged gay man. KISS also plays "Detroit Rock City"and "King of The Night Time World" while an appreciative Lynde flirts shamelessly. It's a beautiful thing. Hollywood legend Hamilton's bizarre interaction with KISS will also add breathtaking new dimension to any "six degrees" game you care to play. And did I fail to mention the other musical guests--Donny and Marie?


Anarchic, unhinged, showered in sequins and hypnotically immediate, "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special" will grab you from the first frame, beat you senseless and leave you begging for more. See this special at any cost.


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