Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now It's Gone TOO FAR!!!

posted a day late and a dollar short

Okay, this damn Dubai Port Scandal has got to stop. Yesterday, the missus had The Fox Report with Shepard Smith on in the background. That hour was going to feature a story on a bunch of surfers riding some dangerous waves somewhere in the South Pacific. YES! However, at the end of the hour, when that story was supposed to run, they ran this story instead.

WASHINGTON — The Dubai-owned company that promised to surrender its U.S. port operations has no immediate plans to sell its U.S. subsidiary's interests at Miami's seaport, a senior executive wrote Monday in a private e-mail to business associates.

And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with the deal for the British company, Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co, but instead concerns a port in Miami in which DP World already owns a stake!

In other words, this phony scandal just got phonier. And now it's cutting into my surf coverage! (Bastards!) My utter contempt for Senator Schumer, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party that caved on this issue, and the media continues to get more utter with every passing day.

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