Sunday, April 02, 2006

A New Product...

...with an ad campaign directly targeting XWL.

Vault was released sometime last summer by the Coca-Cola Company, but I just caught one of their ads today. (It would be the first of the ads on this page.) I'm not sure why I thought of X, but I did. Somehow I expect this will bring him back from the edge.


XWL said...

So you are suggesting ad copy along the lines of 'Takes a maaaaaaaaaan's (man should be read with a long growling intonation) cojones, takes them out of the jar that his pissy little girlfriend placed them in, and kicks them right back into his sack where they belooooooooooong (and the ending note of the voiced copy should be so low and grumbly as to be nearly inaudible)'

(The image accompanying the voice copy could be one of those man into werewolf transormation sequences, except, instead it would be pudgy, pasty office worker guy into sweaty, swarthier XTreme sport entusiast guy)

Don't think I'd drink it anyway, don't like Mountain Dew, why would I drink imitation Dew?

(I should work in marketing, I'd kick ass)

Icepick said...

Mostly I was just suggesting you'd like hippie-attacking robots.

reader_iam said...