Friday, April 28, 2006

A Violation of Policy

Unfortunately I need to break from the rules for Haiku Thursday. We've received bad news on two fronts over the last couple of weeks and I promised I blog it.

First, my wife's grandmother DH has been having some health issues. A couple of weeks ago she went into the hospital for a procedure on her colon. The doctors ended up removing a foot and a half of her large intestine. The biopsies have since confirmed that DH has cancer. She finally got out of the hospital a few days ago, and was staying with my sister-in-law (who incidentally is the coolest sister-in-law anyone could hope to have) when DH had a stroke Tuesday, on her 81st birthday. So DH is now back in the hospital. She has stabilized now and the medical staff has begun to focus on treatment. Her spirits seem to be in fine shape, and hopefully she will continue to progress.

The second piece of bad news came a week ago when our friend HF's health also took a turn for the worse. HF suffers from Crohn's disease. She's had it for several years now, but has managed to maintain her health well enough to get married and have two children. (Having the children, especially the second child, was an act of bravery on both HF's part, and her husband BF's part as well. Getting married was a pretty brave act too, considering that he has his own health problems. For all their troubles they've managed to handle everything with humor and grace. Yes I mean you, H.) [She will read that last bit and say "Of course you mean me, dumbass. What else would you expect?"]

However, comma, part of the treatment for the disease requires taking immuno-suppressants. Last Thursday, April 20, routine blood work showed that her immune system had essentially collapsed. The normal White Blood Cell count should be between 4100-8000 WBCs per mm^3. Hers was 360. On top of that, she had contracted an infection that appeared to be shingles. That turned into a staff infection, which required some outpatient surgery to remove. Tests now seem to indicate that she doesn't have shingles, but they don't know what it is. In any event the 'shingles' have now developed carbuncles. As HF said, carbuncle is a cool word, but wow those things are disgusting! Due to the lack of improvement in her health she has now been hospitalized and is being kept in a clean room. (Insert John Travolta Bubble Boy joke here.) [Just to be clear, HF authorized the release of this information. No violations of etiquette or HIPAA have occurred in the writing of this post. Perhaps a violation of good taste, but that's another matter.]

So for those few readers I do have, if you will spare a few thoughts, considerations, positive vibes and/or prayers for DH and HF and their families, we'd appreciate it.

(And yes, HF knows I fall in the agnostic/atheist camp. Nonetheless I promised to put the word out. And besides sending positive thoughts in the direction of various loved ones, I have also taken other measures. This evening I sacrificed a chicken for the cause. One of General Tso's chickens, specifically.)

[Addendum: I managed to not break the rules! Samuel L. Jackson, star of Snakes on a Plane, will not have to make me say "What?"]


bill said...

Good luck to all. I, too, will sacrifice a chicken...and probably part of a pig and I hear that lamb chops have shown to be successful)

(12:01!--though you never explicitly invoked the rule)

Icepick said...

Thanks for the thoughts.

As far as the sacrifices go, don't forget cow. (Unless you're Hindu, of course.)

On the other matter, I invoked the rule over at the other place I blog.

reader_iam said...

Hey, 'Pick, I'm sorry about both your relative and friend. I'll certainly send good thoughts their way and prayers upward as well.

I'm sure it helps to have as loyal a friend and family member as you.



reader_iam said...

Regarding the other site, I just went over to have some fun.

It's not cyberstalking when you're invited, right?

Icepick said...

Thanks for the thoughts, RIA. And you can visit the other site if you dare. It can get a little raw, LOL.

reader_iam said...

I already did; it seemed fine to me, at least the parts in which I poked around.

I even commented. Whoop-de-doo! LOL.

Interesting to see comments jump up in a sidebar. Wonder if I should consider that.

Icepick said...

The poster who goes by Vanilla runs the site off one of his own servers. (He's a computer engineer/programmer by profession.) He implemented everything there. Personally I find the comments popping up on the side-bar to be strange. The "Shout It Out" box is kind of fun, though, because it allows for anonymous insults.

As for not being that bad, you must not have read the posts on ... well, I'd better not say. No reason to draw attention to some of that mess.

reader_iam said...

Now I'm intrigued ...

reader_iam said...

I hope family and friend are doing better ... .

Icepick said...

There has been some improvement. DH has now been moved from a hospital to a nursing home, where therapy will start soon, or perhaps already has.

HF is still in the hospital, but now they know what it is they're battling: a drug-resistant staph strain.

So progress has been made, although not as much as we hoped.

Pooh said...

Pick, best wishes on the health front.

Also, a mistake to direct my attention to a blog with the top post involving a rehash of an old NBA draft controversy...(I'll do my best to keep to subjects where my correctness in unassailable, like hoopology)

Icepick said...

Pick, best wishes on the health front.

Thanks, we appreciate it.

Also, a mistake to direct my attention to a blog with the top post involving a rehash of an old NBA draft controversy...(I'll do my best to keep to subjects where my correctness in unassailable, like hoopology)

The draft controversy won't be at the top much longer. But if you think being correct has anything to do with anything, you are REALLY making a mistake!