Friday, May 12, 2006

Pick-Up Truck Madness

I saw the second strangest thing I've ever seen on a pick-up truck this morning. I was at a stoplight behind a truck with a customized license plate: ATHENA-1. Goddess of Wisdom and a pick-up truck. Hunh.

The strangest thing I've ever seen on he back of a pick-up truck goes back to my Baltimore days. We lived in Reisterstown, a suburb of Baltimore on the northwest side of town. Reisterstown sits on the edge of horse and farm country. Back towards town is Pikesville, which is the center of Baltimore's Jewish community. Naturally, some of the Jewish people also lived in Reisterstown. This can lead to a strange hybrid.

In the days immediately after 9/11/2001, I started seeing a pick-up driving around Reisterstown with one of these strange hybrids at the wheel. It was one of those monstrous Fords. At the rear corners, two flag poles had been inserted into the body of the truck, and from these flew two flags, about three feet tall each: one American flag, and one Israeli flag! Yes, the strangest thing I've ever seen in a pick-up truck is a redneck Jew....

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Pooh said...

If you were a little further South (ATL or Kentucky) I'd posit it was a relative of mine...(I have a very, very strange extended family)