Friday, May 05, 2006

That Reminds Me!

Amba comments on the post below about comfort music. In her comment she brings up Gregorian chants. Yes!

Back in the days of my mis-spent youth, about 22 years ago, me and a friend of mine used to tear ass all over Orlando in his mother's Mustang. Being teenagers we of course played our music WAY too loud, and generally acted like a couple of assholes. (Okay, we were a couple of assholes.) Heavy metal was our music of choice: Led Zepplin (duh), Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest....

Then, as now, Orlando had a lot of older residents and a lot of tourists. You know, the kind of people that roll up their windows and lock their car doors when a couple of punks playing loud music pull up alongside them at a stoplight in the middle of the night. Well, we were a bunch of jerks, but we weren't really punks, so we got no respect at stop lights. You've either got that air of menace, or you don't, and we didn't. People looked at us and sniffed in annoyance, but no windows went up on our account.

My friend's mother was Catholic, and she had unusual tastes. (At least they seemed so at the time. Now I know much more of her back story, and everything makes sense now. Bright teenagers are still idiots when it comes to understanding people. Incidentally, I owe her my left leg.) One night we're driving around, and bored with our music. So I started rummaging around the glove box looking for something that didn't suck. (Maybe he was playing his damn Keel tape. Some people have no taste.) And there it was: a collection of Gregorian chants! So we popped that in to the cassette player and blasted away!

At the very first red light we catch, there's an older couple in the next lane. The windows went up, the doors were locked, and they tore out of there like bats out of Hell when the lights changed! All that time and all we needed to scare people was Gregorian chants!

How many nights did we waste without that knowledge? Or with that knowledge? (Answer: All of them!)

[Thanks for dredging up that memory Amba!]

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