Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Earlier Tonight....

Revised and extended remarks on an unusual topic: hockey blogging. What's up with that?

Also, a two (possibly three) front flame war broke out with my arch-nemesis Pooh. Note the bob-and-weave technique: first I get him to agree with me on something, and then I switch to a different attack: Shaolin Snake-style blogging. (Maybe I should have brought up the Dragon style, just so I could mention Tit Yang Sum Si. Naaaah, too obvious.)

This was follwed by some Hell blogging, which was not at all merely an excuse for a clip-post. Hell is serious business, and everyone who knows me just how serious I am.

A brief interlude was taken during the Hell blogging to compose a comment that I particularly enjoyed. Maybe not a truly great comment, but for whatever reason I enjoyed writing it. And who knew there was a Schizophrenia Daily News?

Finally, for the sake of balance, I ended with some Heaven blogging. Dorothy was right, there's no place like home, and on some days home is as far as the eye can see.

Finally, for a night cap, I've ended with some insomnia blogging, which has been pretty much just an excuse for a clip post.


reader_iam said...

No riff on exploding Chinese cheaters, eh? I'm looking forward to it, if you get a chance--but don't mean to pressure, since goodness knows there are tons of things I haven't blogged that I thought I might, some day, somewhere, somehow.

This post was fun!

Icepick said...

Thanks! Nothing like insomnia for inspiration.

Unfortunately, insomnia takes it's toll, so I haven't gotten back to the exploding Chinese cheaters. Actually, I'm planning on going a different direction with that, but I do mean to have some fun with it. I mean, hey! EXPLODING CHINESE CHEATERS!

Which reminds me of my all-time favorite headline, from the Weekly World News: FAMED PSYCHIC'S HEAD EXPLODES!!!

Pooh said...

I'm dizzied by the vast array of hyperlinky goodness.

Icepick said...

Yeah, I need to do more insomnia blogging. I mean, I'm gonna be up anyway, right?