Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Even the Heavens Smiled Upon Me

Today at work we finished a very difficult project (a set of projects, really) with a presentation to senior management. Everything went swimmingly well. The post-mortem meeting after the presentation quickly devolved into a discussion about our favorite sounds in sports. (Number One: The crack of a wooden bat on a baseball. Number Two: That sweet thwap that a perfectly shot basketball makes as it goes through the net. Backspin and twine, baby, backspin and twine.) The meeting went that well.

Shortly thereafter I left for home. As I turned onto the 417 I realized I was driving into a strong rain cell. I wasn't crazy about driving in the rain today, and hoped that my wife could avoid it, but them's the breaks. Living in Florida, one gets accustomed to driving in the rain.

And the rain has its rewards. I knew the grass and all the other plants would have that post-shower green look about them, that the air would be cleaner, that the sunset would be more beautiful, that the steam coming off the ground would give the atmosphere that languid quality that defines Florida in summer.

I didn't expect a full rainbow to be directly in my path for the last ten minutes of my drive home, hovering over the area where my house sits. It didn't dissipate until right before I turned onto my street. With heavy traffic and unusually cooperative traffic lights, I didn't get to look for that pale outer rainbow that sometimes surrounds a full bow, but I know it was there. Some days the skies bring gifts, and the skies never skimp. I'll never leave Florida again.

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