Thursday, June 22, 2006

Geek Blogging: Master of Champions

GAH! I knew not having a laptop would eventually do me in! I SO wanted to simul-blog Master of Champions tonight, but I can't do it looking over my shoulder the whole time and I can't type that fast anyway.

But I DVR'ed it and hope to get back to it this weekend. But for now, a few observations:

  1. First, I like the concept but I wasn't too thrilled with the execution.
  2. Second, Princess Elayne was a deserving winner, but I would have enjoyed it more if she were 18 instead of 14. There was a certain porniness to it, but 14's jailbait.
  3. Thirdly, I'd rather have two broken feet, with every step causing me agony, than have a ruptured testicle. Who knew unicycling could be so extreme? Forget the helmets they were wearing, give 'em some cups!

I'm sure any men out there can back me up on point number 3.


bill said...

The archery bit is the only part I saw and I agree. I don't care if she's from a family of circus freaks, she's 14. Put some clothes on.

XWL said...

My father went backwards and forwards quite a few times with our DVR the moment when Princess Elaine slid her mouth over the contraption that she held herself up with.

And yes, he's a dirty old man, and has been since he was a teenager (if that's possible, though obviously I didn't know him when he was a teenager).

(and we couldn't watch the unicycling, too disturbing)

(and which 'judge' do you think was the most drunk during the taping? I'd have to go with Oksana Baiul, with Steve Garvey a close second)

Icepick said...

(and which 'judge' do you think was the most drunk during the taping? I'd have to go with Oksana Baiul, with Steve Garvey a close second)

Oh, Oksana in a rum cake walk.

The most disturbing thing about the unicycling is that distinct types of unicycling exist. Street? Extreme? (I won't make fun of the extreme. Ruptured testicles are indisputably extreme.) And a national championship? Wow. Just wow.

reader_iam said...

This is, by a whole herd of combined heads and shoulders, FAR more interesting than most of the obsessions and dominant blogposts I've seen over the past few days, whether dealing with politics traditionally understood or in blogofuffle terms.

Don't know that I get it, all of what you're talking about, of course: but it's a helluva lot more interesting.

Or is that just "diverting"?

Icepick said...

Well, given the way so many blog comment sections have gone to hell in recent days, I think any excursion into pop culture has to be more entertaining.

bill said...

Just saw a commercial for the next episode and it looks like there will be a barely dressed female of appropriate age for commenting.

Donald Douglas said...


I saw your blog listed in a Google search on Daryl Press. Turns out we have similar interests! Come on over to Burkean Reflections and have a look around.

Take it easy.