Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Old School ...

... still sucks! The Orlando Sentinel reports on the latest annual 'report card' Florida schools, and the trends are positive:

More Florida schools than ever earned As and Bs on Florida's annual school report card in 2006, and the number of F schools dropped to the lowest in four years, show results released by the state today.

Statewide, 74 percent of the graded public schools got A's or B's, up from 66 percent last year. The yearly A-F grades are based on students' scores and improvement on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Across Florida, just 24 of more than 2,700 schools got Fs this year, the lowest since 2002. Seminole County school officials were among those pleased with today's news, as every Seminole middle school earned an A, as did six of nine high schools. The other three high schools got Bs.
But of course, my old high school, Maynard Evans High School, has managed to put up the good fight and has successfully countered this trend.
Jones High in Orlando earned its fifth F in a row, a grade that likely will prompt the Florida Department of Education to demand more urgent action from the district. Evans High dropped to an F again.
Yes! Not only did the Trojans manage to resist the urge to improve, they managed to backslide into pure failure! I'm comforted to know that some things never change. It lends a sense of permanence to this life.

More seriously, the truly sad part of the story is that Jones and Evans have been horror stories for a long time now. The only difference between now and 25 years ago is that at least now someone has drawn attention to the problem.

[Incidentally, "Trojans" is a horrible mascot for Evans. Evans was the first school I personally knew of to build a day care facility on campus. The Evans Rhythm Methods might have been a better choice....]

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