Sunday, July 09, 2006

Soccer Blogging?!

Soccer blogging! WTF? Anyway, slightly over five minutes into the World Cup Final and the Italians are looking like a bunch of thugs. They've already leveled a cheap shot on one of the French stars, trying to split Henry's head open with a forearm shiver, received a yellow card for another foul, and been hit with a penalty kick for another foul! Damn! I guess I'm going to have to cheer on the French. I hate that!


Pooh said...

The collision between Henry and Cannavaro was absolutely accidental. Cannavaro is one of the few Italian defenders with a pristine reputation for fair play, I might add...(Materazzi? not so much...)

Icepick said...

I admittedly know next to nothing about soccer, so I will accept your judgements on this matter. Still, it really didn't look good, and after the incident in the USA game I'm not willing to give them much doubt. (That's because of the severity of the action, not because it was the US.)

bill said...

Soccer blogging--HA! Buy a Mac, slip on some Birkenstocks, and slurp down a giant spoonful of Tofutti and your descent into European wussification is complete.

Icepick said...

I do need a new computer, and I briefly considered buying a Mac. But then I remembered I still need the WIntel environment to work from home.

And I once had a friend talk me into trying Tofu. I never speak to that person now. Some things are just unforgivable.

But I will never wear sandals. (That period has been both bolded and italicized for emphasis.) Which reminds me of Rex Reed’s broadcast review of The Last Temptation of Christ: “This movie sets out to prove that nooobody looks good in sandals.” Unfortunately I don’t remember the forum for that statement, but the vocal inflections were exactly the same one’s Daria’s little sister Quinn would use.

bill said...

Icepick, if you have the time, in one of the Begging to Differ Forums, someone is asking for Orlando information. They're going to DW with children, but will have a couple nights when the grandparents take over and are wondering what nonchild entertainment.

Forums require registration to comment (but not to view). If you posted an answer here I could copy and paste...or just forget I even brought it up.

Icepick said...

Hmmm, I don't know that I can help, but I'll think about it and maybe post something tonight.

The thing is, my wife and I think staying home is just about the best thing ever, so we just don't go out that much. Still, I'll think about it a little.

Icepick said...

Looking at the thread I realize I need to think a little faster. I'll get back to this later this afternoon, but I"ve got a meeting coming up so I can't chat long. Here are a few first takes:

Pleasure Island is in the process of being "re-thought". I'm not sure what is still open or not open, so defintely check before going out of your way to get there.

At Disney's West End (next to Pleasure Island, and part of the same complex as the Disney Village), there is a House of Blues, a Cirque du Soliel and I believe a Wolgang Puck's used to be over there. Not sure I'd recommend the restaurant in any event, but the Cirque is very popular. Maybe check for tickets, and maybe check the HoB to see if anyone they might like is playing. (GWAR used to play there twice a year, BTW.)

Eating and drinking your way around EPCOT can be a HIGHLY wasteful activity, and I do recommend it. Just remember that it is a tourist spot, and expect to pay accordingly. Instead of ending at the german biergarten, maybe end at the English pub. There is a singer that performs there regularly that is supposed to be quite good. (I can't say personally, because somehow I only go when it's her day off. Grrr.)

More in an hour or two, and feel free to copy and paste.

VW: orlhmcwe

That may actually mean something!

Icepick said...

If they want a good view of the fireworks without the kids around, there is the big show (Illuminations) at EPCOT at 9:00 every night. It on the lake at the World Showcase, so the Japanese place that was recommended might be a perfect spot to view the action. Sushi, saki, and fireworks!

There are a couple of different views available for the big fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom (Wishes, at 10:00 PM this week) that are outside of the park itself.

First there's the view from the California Grill atop The Contemporary Hotel. Reservations can be tough to get for the times around the fireworks, however. It is a fantastic view, 15 stories up, looking down on the park. It's great when the weather is good.

Another good place to view Wishes is from the resaurant called Narcossee's, which is in the Grand Floridian Hotel. That's a view from right on the water of The Seven Seas Lagoon, so the view isn't quite as nice, but it is a different perspective. Plus Narcossee's is a nice place to eat!

A note about viewing Wishes from within the Magic Kingdom: It appears that the best views of this show are from Main Street. This is a (relatively) new show, and has fireworks launched inside the park from either side of the castle. So unlike the old show, out of the way places might not be such good viewing areas. Also, parts of the park get roped off before the show.

One other place to mention is the Boardwalk, next to EPCOT. There is an entrance to the Boardwalk from EPCOT, making it easily accessible.

In fact, I recommend parking in the self-parking at the Boardwalk Hotel and entering EPCOT from that entrance. There is a gate, and they do take tickets (sell them, too, I imagine), so that isn't a concern. If they want to stay and see the fireworks, park back there! This beats parking in the main EPCOT parking lot because at the end of the night a lot fewer people are trying to exit in that direction. It does require a bit of a hike, but they would be doing that anyway.

I will also mention that certain people find being in theme parks to be something of a, um, stimulant. However, I can tell you from long years of experience that theme parks rarely have any places where you can truly get any privacy. Hotels are a different story altogether. Disney has lots of hotels. (And no, the room you've paid for is not the same. Not that I'm encouraging anything. Nope, not a thing. I'm just sayin', is all.)

Next up, a few non-Disney options.

Icepick said...

I just don't know much about Orlando nightlife, but here are a few other ideas.

Universal has a large movie/restaurant/nightclub/shopping area at the entrance of their theme parks. Entry is free (to the area, not necessarily to any individual businesses), but parking will cost, depending on when they go. And you will do a lot of walking just to get to the complex. The name of the place is City Walk. It's not really a favorite of mine, because of all the walking involved and a certain uneasiness I always get from the amount of local teenagers that like to hang out there.

There used to be a nightclub complex in downtown Orlando called Church Street Station. I only bring this up in case they have been here before, as it's been closed for sometime now. Downtown Orlando is once again a fairly dead area of town, nightlife-wise. (Or so I hear. But that's what everyone always said, even when that was where everyone went. So who knows?)

And personally I would avoid International Drive like I would a horde of the undead. Truly heinous traffic, although at the periphery it might be okay. Goodluck on figuring out where that periphery lies!

Park Avenue in Winter Park might be a place to go for a more sedate evening. Lots of shops and restaurants, and they ran the teenagers out of there years ago.

And if someone is REALLY in it for the adventure, they can go walk around in my old neighborhood, Pine Hills at night. But then, they might not consider getting shot at all that much fun.

bill said...

thanks! once again proving the best use of the internet is pester complete strangers.

Pooh said...

And I once had a friend talk me into trying Tofu. I never speak to that person now. Some things are just unforgivable.

Yet another thing that makes me think I'm a closet conservative. I can't stand the stuff, in any form.

Icepick said...

Tofu being evil shouldn't be a conservative vs liberal thing. The stuff is just wrong.

(I'm waiting to see if RIA shows up. Her menfolk eat the stuff, I believe. Let's see if she can defend tofu!)

Icepick said...

And I'm very tempted to register for your board, Bill, but the stories I want to tell really can't be told. At least not by me. Damn, I hate having confidential information....

bill said...

you don't work for team rodent, do you?

Icepick said...

"That would be telling."

bill said...

back to my first off-topic post...I used to eat the Tofutti ice cream. I think it was the wild berry or triple berry flavor. Very tasty. A little too sweet, though.

amba said...

Very O.T. but didn' know how else to reach you.
Hey Ice, promised to tell ya when I did the other half of the Unity08 thing. It turned into an anti-'60s rant . . . kind of off-topic for Unity08 too, I fear.

amba said...


was the vw

"nouveau churl"

Icepick said...

"nouveau churl"

Is that better or worse than nouveau hurl?

reader_iam said...

Good Lord! Tofu is a neutral; it tastes like whatever it's cooked with, and it's easy to ignore. There's no real reason for it to be slimey, which would be main thing agin' it, when I even bother.

Bill: To clarify, didn't you comment at some point about having a Mac at home because after messing with Wintel all day, you didn't want the hassle on your off hours?

'Pick: Are you "sure sure" you have to have Wintel at home?

Don't want to imply I'm only a Mac person; I do also have a Windows box for certain, very specific pieces of corporate work, and DH has a number of machines running Linux.

Never saw the point of Tofutti, btw, and Birkenstocks made my feet look far more like Fred Flintstone's than I can tolerate.

Sorry I didn't go back into this comments section sooner, 'Pick. I assumed they were all about, well, soccer. Plus, I was out of touch for a while and we had a bit of a health scare around here last week, complete with a night spent in an emergency room.

reader_iam said...

Sure nice to see all three of you together over here, by the way.

vh: enjudyam


bill said...

A neglected comment section - where blogs go to die. Perhaps if I gathered my recent scribblings left at other blogs I might have enough for a new post.

'Pick, over at the BtD forum, the guy is back from the Orlando vacation and is promising updates.

RIA, You are correct about my Mac ownership. However, I do enjoy playing with the stereotype. Since joining the Mac cult I have become more intelligent and more popular with an enhanced sense of humor. Those of us driving Euro-sedans know we can poke fun at ourselves without the station wagon buyers fully appreciating the joke. And we like it that way.

Birkenstocks are ugly, but my Danskos are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

RIA, is Althouse's Mary the same person who had a mistaken person meltdown over you?

Sure nice to see all three of you together over here, by the way. What are you implying?

reader_iam said...


We are indeed talking about the same Mary. And it was me she was mad at, but had the name wrong (and, if you recall, what got me mad etc. was her reference to children--it's a little them of hers).

I was able look up her IP, at least as of early April, because Haloscan's comments manager display IPs and retains those you ban (which, bless him, Cal did with Mary--on the third day I started bloggin at DWM).

Don't think Mary's too stable. Somehow, I suspect this latest confrontation will make her even edgier. Not a good thing, I think.

As far as the together reference, we all seemed to intersect more several months back (plus a couple of others). I sort of miss that, is all.