Monday, August 28, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto

Ernesto got hung up in Cuba and his path shifted eastward, so now he will miss the warmest waters of the Straits of Florida. So we will get wet and windy on Wednesday, but no hurricane. Obviously concerns for Orlando are now much lessened.

Regardless, I went over to Mom's tonight and secured a few things around her house. Her place should be good to go now. Our place is practically Cat 3 hurricane ready at all times. Fifteen minutes is all it would take to get ready for a big storm, so a tropical storm will only require five minutes of prep, if I stop to listen to the tree frogs. I will take care of that stuff tomorrow evening. If we're going to get a tropical weather event, this is the kind to have. Now the concerns are for the Bahamas and the Keys, and the coastal communities. Probably the greatest concern now is for the Carolinas. See Bill's post for more on that.

More later, if events warrant the attention.

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