Sunday, October 15, 2006

Game Day Observations

The officials for the Bengals-Bucs game stunk. There were several blown calls, although in the end they about balanced out.

The worst occurred on a play in the first half. The Bucs QB, Bruce Gradkowski, threw an incomplete pass on 2nd and 20. Instead of ruling that the ball had hit the ground, the officials initially ruled that the ball had popped up in the air after being deflected from a defensive player's hands, and was then intercepted and returned. On the run-back, Gradkowski made a tackle by grabbing a Bengal player's facemask.

The official then stated that there had been an interception, and that defensive player #71 had committed a flagrant facemask penalty. Three times wrong! First, it was NOT an interception. Second, Gradkowski is not a defensive player. Third, his number is #7, not #71.

The Bucs challenged the ruling, and duly won. However, the facemask penalty stood, making it 2nd and long. Except that the officials now said that it was 3rd down! They managed to get one play wrong in four different ways! Pathetic. That whole crew ought to be fired.

After the game, Brett Favre had a commercial for the drug Prilosec. Given that Brett Favre has struggled with addiction problems in the past, perhaps he's not the ideal candidate to tell us about better living through chemicals, even if it is just an anti-heartburn drug.

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