Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gore Blogging

And I don't mean Al Gore, either. Over at the other place we've been blogging and commenting on various Adventures ... in Dentistry. It started with my friend Witchwolf giving a brief recounting of a recent trip to the dentist. (He later gives more detail in the comments of another thread. And yes, his handle is a Styxx reference. Life spares no opportunity to aggravate me.) I added my own Tale of Woe yesterday, merrily entitled Golf Ball of Doom. That's been followed by Robzilla's adventure in basketball-related injuries, and Lefty's amusing tale of a dentist perched on his chest and pulling hard. In the comments to these posts we argue about who gets to join the club.

But the creme de la creme hasn't been written yet. Co-blogger Plasmaball has a tale of dental woe that puts the rest of us to shame. He probably won't get around to writing it till the weekend, though.

And do I really need to add that these tales are not for the squeamish?

UPDATE: Bill adds a Neal Stephenson take.