Friday, November 17, 2006

Sometimes I just have to laugh...

Over at The Moderate Voice there's a post about a student getting Tased in a campus library at UCLA. I'm amused by the cluelessness of most of the reaction. By all accounts, the student who got Tased made a point of being an asshole to the police. If you really think you can do that and NOT get your ass kicked, then you are an idiot. Or possibly someone that went to private schools. Regardless, friends and family shouldn't leave you unattended, as you're clearly a danger to yourself and others....

ADDED: I'm also amazed that people think this is something new. The use of Tasers for this kind of thing is relatively new, but not the behavior of the cops. In the old days they would have used fists, billy clubs or flashlights to get their point across. There's nothing new here except for the cell phone cameras capturing the event.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Thank you for saying it.

Cops don't know anything about people they're arresting. He could be a harmless doofus, or he could be a dangerous sociopath. Anybody who resists arrest should expect to be handled roughly.

In the video, the guy was lying on the floor, refusing to move. I don't expect cops to have to pick some jerk off the ground and haul his sorry butt in just because he wants to "make a statement."

Cops put their lives in danger every time they put on a uniform. They deserve our thanks for having to deal with jerks like this -- and much worse.