Sunday, December 10, 2006

So, how's that Baker-Hamilton Report working out?

Let's check some of the responses.

The elected Iraqi President Jalal Talibani has slammed the report:

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani rejected the Iraq Study Group's report Sunday, calling it "very dangerous" to Iraq's sovereignty and constitution.

"We can smell in it the attitude of James Baker," Talabani said, referring to the report's co-chair who served as secretary of state under President George H. W. Bush during the 1991 Iraq war.

Talabani blamed Baker for leaving then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in power after that conflict, which ousted Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

He also criticized the report for recommending a law that would allow thousands of former officials from Hussein's ousted Baath party to serve in Iraqi government posts.


"As a whole, I reject this report," Talabani said.

"I think that Baker-Hamilton is not fair, is not just, and it contains some very dangerous articles which undermine the sovereignty of Iraq and the constitution[.]"
Meanwhile, the Syria's ruling party seems to really like the report:
The United States will face hatred and failure in the Middle East if the White House rejects the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, Syria warned on Sunday, according to The Associated Press. Syria's ruling party's Al-Baath newspaper urged President Bush to take the group's report seriously because it would "diminish hatred for the U.S. in region," AP reported.
So, the governement we've put together in Iraq hates the report, and a government that backs state-sponsored terrorism, including the assasination of foreign leaders and that backs the insurgency in Iraq, loves the report.

Survey sez: As a whole, this report fails to pass the sniff test.

Added: Perhaps this should have been another entry in the "Stating the Obvious" series.

Later: Iran is down with the Baker-Hamilton plan, too. When your enemies are good with a plan, and your allies are against it, perhaps the plan isn't so good. Alternately, maybe we should switch sides. Yeah, that's the ticket....

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Minor Ripper said...

Great post, thanks. Don't know if you've seen these two pretty shocking videos from Iraq yet or not (kid chasing bottle of water, car getting crushed), but both star the US Military and put it in a very negative light. I have them up on my site at ..You have to wonder what these soldiers were thinking when videotaping this stuff...