Monday, December 04, 2006

Stating the Obvious Blogging

Earlier my wife and I were discussing the economics of college football. This conversation resulted in me realizing something that should have been blindingly obvious, yet which had alluded me all these years.

We both went to the University of Florida in Gainesville, which is (partially and correctly) known as something of a party school, along with its other many fine attributes. When we started there, UF had approximately 43,000 students. Now that number is closer to 50,000. As is typical of college students, they tend to drink and carouse... a lot. Thus the party school image.

The students reside at UF throughout the school year, of course, and thus drink and carouse year round. However, the bars and restaurants make over 60% of their revenue during eight magical weekends a year, when the University of Florida football team plays its home games. Now, the students don't drink that much more than normal on those weekends.

So what does this mean? That the alumni drink WAY more than the students.

Sometimes even I marvel at my cluelessness.

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Pooh said...

Correction, alumni drink way more in bars then do the students.

For one pint of the good stuff at a pub, you get a case of Nattie Ice at the packie. (And let's not even talk about the efficiency of Boone's Farm...)