Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not At All Gratuitous Additional Peyton Manning Bashing

First of all, a brief history lesson about Gatorade:

Gatorade is a non-carbonated sports drink marketed by PepsiCo. Originally made for athletes (the drink was created by researchers at the University of Florida and named for the school's mascot), it is now often consumed as a snack beverage. The drink is intended to rehydrate and to replenish the carbohydrates (in the form of sugars sucrose and glucose) and electrolytes (sodium and potassium salts) depleted during aerobic exercise, especially in warmer, more humid climates. [emphasis added, and links omitted]
So Gator + Lemonade = Gatorade. Also, a nice play on the concept of Gator Aid.

Now for the Not At All Gratuitous Additional Peyton Manning Bashing. As has been brought up before, Peyton Manning couldn't beat the University of Florida Gators when he was a college player. He was 0-4. In addition, when Peyton had his number retired at a home game of the University of Tennessee in 2005, the UT Volunteers got beat by the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. At the time (and still), South Carolina was coached by Steve Spurrier, the Uber Gator hisownself, a star high school athlete from the state of Tennessee who turned his back on them to go to UF, earn a Heisman Trophy (which Peyton never did), and later coach the Gators to their first national title in football. Oh, and he was also the coach that blanked Peyton when Peyton was at Tennessee. Additionally, the UF star QB Danny Weurffel even beat Peyton in their one match-up in the NFL. Yep, the Gators have owned Peyton in the past.

And now? Peyton Manning, in his quest to scrounge all the money he can to pay off his harrassment claims, Peyton is now a spokesman for Gatorade. Yep, that's right: the Gators still own Peyton's ass! Loser....

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