Monday, February 05, 2007


After three months of waiting, I finally had a permanent bridge put in this morning. For the last three months I have been missing three upper front incisors due to some gruesome oral surgery and the recovery. For three months I have been unable to bite into anything. For three months I have had an acrylic temporary bridge (Teeth by Lee's Press-on Nails!) that fell out frequently, was only good for keeping me from lisping and looking like a hillbilly, and was very uncomfortable. But now, after three months, I have the permanent bridge in place! The first thing I did was take the Missus out for a cheeseburger. For three months I've had to eat everything by cutting it up with a knife and fork. I hate hate HATE eating pizza with a knife and fork! And sandwiches? That, my friends, was a bridgeless mouth too far. But not any more! I now have real, functional teeth again, after three months!


Oh, did I forget to mention that it was THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS? No? Good. Because it was three freakin' months! I'll add links later describing the dental hell that I've been through, but the other site is still down. But trust me, it was gruesome.

[Aside: The Blogger Spellchecker recomends replacing "freakin'" with foreskin. Ewwww.]

UPDATE: One of my boys speculates that I've completely krunked out my teeth, suggesting this look -

However, I chose this look instead -


bill said...

Wait a sec, weren't you just in Southern California? You didn't partake in the Hip Hop Dentistry did you?

For the record, I'm not sure if that is a real site or a not so vaguely offensive parody site.

Icepick said...

When the impression for the bridge was cast I wasn't aware that I would be in California before I got the bridge, or I would have been tempted.