Tuesday, March 13, 2007

But wait! There's more!

My wife reads my last two posts and brings the snark. Responding to this she writes:

Going on an expedition to the North Pole in winter is just about as smart as having a global warming concert in Antartica in, well, winter:

"Environmental activists led by former Vice President Al Gore announced plans Thursday for a 24-hour pop concert across seven continents in July to mobilize action to stop global warming."

Responding to my comments in the second post that Algore had created a witch hunt atmosphere, she wrote:
"...witch hunt atmosphere..."

That can't be good for global warming.
Yep, and burning witches at the stake will no doubt contribute to Algore's carbon footprint. Perhaps he can purchase some offsets from bio-friendly energy sources.

AND! I forgot to mention something from the NYT's article. The article includes this line:
[Algore wrote in his email response to the NYTimes] that after 30 years of trying to communicate the dangers of global warming, “I think that I’m finally getting a little better at it.”
Algore's been trying to communicate the dangers of Global Warming since 1977? WTF? I thought he was inventing the internet that decade. Also, weren't we all worried about freezing our tookuses off in a new ice age back then?


Pastor_Jeff said...

Gorebot is a smug, narcissistic, congenital liar. He makes up stuff there's no reason to lie about, and then actually believes his own BS. And he's much less charming than Clinton was.

I am not exactly enchanted with Bush as President, but I thank God he spared us from algore.

Icepick said...

While I don't think Bush is the unmitigated disaster that many believe him to be, I don't think he's been a good president. (Also, I happen to think that the worst things he has done are different than the usual litany.) But how depressing that he's been the best we could do the last two election cycles.