Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Fun with news!

First we have this:

Frostbite ends Bancroft-Arnesen trek

By PATRICK CONDON, Associated Press Writer
Mon Mar 12, 5:28 PM ET

MINNEAPOLIS - A North Pole expedition meant to bring attention to global warming was called off after one of the explorers got frostbite. The explorers, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen, on Saturday called off what was intended to be a 530-mile trek across the Arctic Ocean after Arnesen suffered frostbite in three of her toes, and extreme cold temperatures drained the batteries in some of their electronic equipment.

"Ann said losing toes and going forward at all costs was never part of the journey," said Ann Atwood, who helped organize the expedition.

On Monday, the pair was at Canada's Ward Hunt Island, awaiting a plane to take them to Resolute, Canada, where they were to return to Minneapolis later this week.
They may end up in Resolute, but they certainly don't belong there!
Then there was the cold — quite a bit colder, Atwood said, then [sic] Bancroft and Arnesen had expected. One night they measured the temperature inside their tent at 58 degrees below zero, and outside temperatures were exceeding 100 below zero at times, Atwood said.

"My first reaction when they called to say there were calling it off was that they just sounded really, really cold," Atwood said.

She said Bancroft and Arnesen were applying hot water bottles to Arnesen's foot every night, but had to wake up periodically because the bottles froze. [emphasis added]
But what about the children? What are we going to tell the children?!
The explorers had planned to call in regular updates to school groups by satellite phone, and had planned online posts with photographic evidence of global warming.
Well, the students would have learned something from this trip if they had continued, but perhaps not the 'correct' thing.
In contrast to Bancroft's 1986 trek across the Arctic with fellow Minnesota explorer Will Steger, this time she and Arnesen were prepared to don body suits and swim through areas where polar ice has melted.
Atwood said there was some irony that a trip to call attention to global warming was scuttled in part by extreme cold temperatures.
Ya think?!
"They were experiencing temperatures that weren't expected with global warming," Atwood said. "But one of the things we see with global warming is unpredictability."
Because who would expected cold tempatures on a polar ice cap? That was completely unpredicatable! (Less snarkily, do these people really think that the weather wasn't variable before Global Warming?)


justkim said...

Going on an expedition to the North Pole in winter is just about as smart as having a global warming concert in Antartica in, well, winter:

"Environmental activists led by former Vice President Al Gore announced plans Thursday for a 24-hour pop concert across seven continents in July to mobilize action to stop global warming."

justkim said...

Never fear! The Antartic difficulties have been averted!

From the official "Live Earth" Site:

Concerts on all 7 continents

Brazil TBD
Japan TBD
United States TBD

Can you name the continents these places are on? Can you identify which continent is missing? Do you know which continent is getting two concerts? Maybe Algore should focus more on the tragic misunderstanding of geography in our schools.