Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh yeah, Baby! That's the stuff!

Classy, Ohio State, classy!

As I wrote at Pastor Jeff's blog:

As a UF grad, I can only say "Ohio State, you finally found a Gator you can beat! Too bad you can only beat a Gator that's made out of styrofoam...."

Really, I hadn't realized it was THREE times in about seven weeks. I really hope we don't face them in the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals. If we beat up on them again, the Civil Rights Commision will investigate it as a hate crime.


Pastor_Jeff said...

Thanks for the link.

And tell Albert I said, "Hi."

Icepick said...

You're very welcome. And thanks to your brother for finding this and sending it along. My wife got a big laugh out of it too. (I will note in passing that it's easy to be a good sport when one's teams keep crushing the opposition.)