Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Personal Update

I had to check my mother into a hospital this afternoon with an as yet unknown illness. Blogging, which has been limited lately anyway, will likely be non-existent for a few days. Commenting (except perhaps at bill's place) is also likely to be non-existent.

But before I take my leave, a few random observations:

  • Michael Rasmussen has the whitest chest ever.
  • It turns out that I don't much care for jazz guitar.
  • Burgers do a much better job of satisfying hunger when actually eaten.
  • Time passes more slowly in a hospital than it does almost anywhere else.

Carry on....

Update: Okay, so we know a little more today. Mom's got a growth in her colon, a dilated kidney, and two nodules in her bladder. Tomorrow morning she gets a colonoscopy to determine what's going on there, and depending on the results we'll proceed from there.

Update II: After the 'scope, it's almost 100% certain we're dealing with colon cancer. We're still waiting for confirmation from the biopsies, but it's unlikely that they'll not confirm the diagnosis. Now we're waiting for some more tests before a probable surgery to remove a stretch of colon, and who knows what else. Prognosis is unknown at this time, as the doctors don't yet know enough even to speculate. (They may not know enough until after surgery, for that matter.)

Incidentally, the nursing shortage in this country has reached epic proportions. Maybe more on that later.


reader_iam said...

Yes, that stuff, too (and, not or).

Still, I'm still right here (also).

Icepick said...

Thanks, Reader. I'm not too worried about Mom at this point because a) her condition isn't that bad at the moment, and b) it could simply be a relatively minor infection at this point. I'll post or email an update tonight.

bill said...

Hoping all is well. Take it easy.

reader_iam said...

Still checking in ... and thinking of all of you.

reader_iam said...

'Pick, don't feel you have to update. Not at all. Not the point of my commenting. Not at all.

Just want you to know that way out here in the amorphous, anonymous 'sphere, there are people pulling for your mom, and holding all of you in thoughts.

Icepick said...

Reader, the updates aren't that hard, and they're as much a placeholder as anything. I'm spending about 5-10 minutes on the comp in the evening when I get home, and about the same in the morning before I leave. I need to do some of that anyway to stay on top of some professional and personal stuff. A 1-minute update is a nice break from the work! Also, if it were a burden, I wouldn't do it at all. I AM that selfish!