Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some Items of Potential Interest

I've made a few changes to the side bar, some of which may be a vague interest.

First, I've changed my blog roll ever so slightly. I've removed Pooh's blog, because Pooh blogs no more. I've also removed Reader_Iam's old blog, because she has hidden it away. I have added author Jon Evans' blog. His blog often takes on the characteristic of a travelogue, and I highly recommend it.

I've also added a little more to my Entertainment section: Jim Hill Media, Cartoon Brew and PBCB Studios.

Finally, and most importantly for me, is the new Reference section. Here I've thrown together a vast collection of links that I have used in the past for ... wait for it ... reference! Some get used more often than not, but at times I've used most of these to good effect. The CIA site (yes, I mean that CIA) is invaluable just because of The World Factbook. I imagine the utility of most of the others is apparent, but some of these are listed purely for entertainment value - the Louvre has a great website, for example, and I highly recommend the interactive Panoramas tour. This section also includes the website that makes the whole Internet thing worthwhile - the Internet Movie Database! No longer does one have to struggle trying to remember "that guy, that was in that movie". Now you can look it up directly! I imagine that this site has saved more man-hours of work that the rest of the Internet has gobbled up. (Well, maybe not the amount of time wasted on porn, but that's hardly the 'net's fault.)

Regardless, I offer up this assortment of links secure in the knowledge that there ought to be something in here for my 3 readers to enjoy, and hopefully something that's new and entertaining.


Mark Daniels said...

Speaking on behalf of your three readers...or, at least, this one reader, I thank you.


Icepick said...

Mark, just out of curiosity, which link(s) did you find interesting?