Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If I've been lax ...

... in posting about my Mother's health status, it's because the news has been uniformly good.

Last week I took her to see her surgeon. This was a chance for him to see how she was doing and to tell us the results of the pathology report on the section of colon that they removed. It was all good news: the pathology report showed no cancer at all. After "Your baby is healthy", the words "There are no signs of cancer" are probably the best words you can hear come out of a doctor's mouth.

In addition, the doctor seems surprised at how quickly Mom is recovering from the surgery. She been staying with us since she was discharged, but she could have gone home last week. We've kept her with us for a while 'cause we're trying to fatten her up. Her weight last Wednesday was the same as it was before the surgery, which is good because it means she hasn't lost any weight. But she still weighs less than she probably should. (She lost about 25 pounds in 2006 due to various health issues.)

The doctor did surprise me with some of the details of the surgery. It turns out they had removed more colon than I had thought. The surgeon actually removed two separate stretches of colon measuring about a foot long. They wanted to be certain they did get any potential cancer. Also, at the age of 80, Mom finally had her appendix removed.

So, everything is going well on that front. I appreciate any and all kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers that were directed our way.


amba said...

Happy news, belatedly acknowledged and cheered!

Icepick said...

Yes, happy news and ample reason for giving thanks.