Monday, December 10, 2007

You may think this is funny, but it's not....

Local headline:

Grandmother arrested for carrying a gun and knife at Disney now out of jail
I'm sure everyone (all five of you) reading this thinks this was just good clean fun, but let me assure you, granny violence is nothing to laugh at. (And looking at the mug shot attached to the above story ought to scare you silly.)

I myself have been the victim of such violence. Once upon a time, I was viciously assaulted at The Magic Kingdom by a little old lady. She was trying to cut in front of me at the entrance to the park, and in the process bashed me with one elbow shot after another. (Let me set the mental picture. Me: 6'1", 200 lbs, about 27 years-old. Granny: 4' nothing, approximately 65 pounds, about 130 years-old. Clearly I was over-matched and out-gunned. I'm not sure if she was on the clear or the cream, but I'm sure she was on flaxseed oil.)

Fortunately the woman's children and grandchildren pulled her off of me before I was maimed too badly. To this day, I still have flashbacks, and frequently wake-up in a cold sweat following nightmares. Zoloft and counseling have helped, but I don't think I'll ever get over the PTSD. I just thank God that the security measures have been improved since then....

[Addendum: I know that my reader(s) will think I'm making up the above tale, but my wife witnessed the whole thing. Maybe you won't believe me, but how can you not trust her?]

[Second Addendum: I'm sure you're all going to think I'm riffing on this, but I'm really not. Respect my pain, damnit!]


Pastor_Jeff said...

I wouldn't want to go up against that lady. Did you see the eyes on her?

But I did, of course, think of your last link well before getting there in the post.

"Pension day's the worst."

bill said...

Old people are just mean. And because they know they're close to they have no fear.

Question: who is more dangerous, old people who forget where the brake pedal is or serial killer white males?

bill said...

close to death they have no fear

Icepick said...

Question: who is more dangerous, old people who forget where the brake pedal is or serial killer white males?

On a per kill per cap basis, the white male serial killers. But for overall death and mayhem, old people with faulty driving skills are far more dangerous.

XWL said...

This generation of oldsters were born at a time when morality and respect for one another were drilled into them at a young age for the most part.

It's frigthening to imagine what oldsters will be like when the Baby Boomers start hitting the age of 80.