Sunday, January 20, 2008

The New England Criminals Strike Again

Phillip Rivers just got picked off in the second quarter. There were TWO major penalties committed by the New England Soulless 'Roid Ragin' HGH Freaks on the play. (Look at Junior Seau: he's as big as a baseball player.) First, Mike Vrabel fell before he got to Rivers, so he kicked Rivers right in the knee. Personal foul, 15 yards. (Not to mention as dirty a play as I've seen this season.) Then, Assante Samuel climbed over the back of Chris Chamber before the ball got to him. THAT should have been pass interference. Both penalties were in clear view, but no flag was thrown. The fix is in. The NFL won't allow these bastards to lose.

Worst of all, the announcers praised both Vrabel and Samuels for their play. This is especially bad in the case of Vrabel. The replays were more than clear on this point: Vrabel intentionally kicked Rivers squarely in the right knee. His play was designed to destroy the already injured right knee of Rivers. But there is no way that one of Belichick's buddies from the Parcells Gang would ever call him on it. Way to go, Phil Simms. You're every bit as classless as everyone else associated with Bill Parcells.

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