Thursday, February 07, 2008

All Gone to Hell

The year 2008 is now officially on my personal shit-list. The latest is that Mom is back in the hospital, apparently after suffering a mini-stroke. (I believe that's a TIA in the lingo.)

I don't know what it is, but every 20 years everything just seems to go all to hell. 1968 was horrible, since that was the year of my birth. Seriously, what's up with that?! From the warm, snug security of the womb one gets thrust into this vale of tears. That's just play crazy! Plus, I had an inguinal hernia that did not heal on its own, eventually requiring surgical repair. The best part of THAT trip to the hospital was that they lost me for several hours. (I believe they eventually found me at the loading docks, sharing a smoke with some of the orderlies. I've since given up the habit.)

And I've already expounded on the crap-fest that was 1988. Incidentally, I ripped open another inguinal hernia THAT year, which also required surgical repair. (The hospital didn't lose me that time, however.) I'm starting to suspect that I will rip open another hernia this year. I'd swear to not pick up anything heavier than a box of crackers, but that didn't help last time.

Just to be safe, I'm pre-emptively adding 2028 to my shit-list. I got my eyes on you, 2028, so don't try anything with me.

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justkim said...

I'm considering spending the rest of the month (at least) under the covers. I've already put in a warning with my boss.