Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Let me 'splain. No, there is too much."

"Let me sum up."

Since the start of the year:

  • The shower in our master bathroom was torn out
  • Our house was burglarized
  • In the process of investigating the burglary, the police got finger-print ink all over everything, leaving several large stains on the carpet
  • Our master bathroom remained torn up and useless for more than five weeks
  • My mother went BACK into the hospital with what appears to have been a minor stroke
  • My wife and I have both been working like dogs at our jobs
  • I broke my new glasses
  • We've become Ikea Zombies
  • Our house has become an official "Better Homes & Gardens"-designated national disaster area
  • Our new computer uses "Vista"
  • I got crushed by a seven year-old in a recent chess tournament
  • And several other items I'm too irritated to recount.

But now things are looking up. Our insurance company did NOT screw us on the settlement of the claim, we have a new machine, our bathroom has been repaired, we have an additional 54 feet of shelf-space, and several other minor victories. (Amongst the other minor victories: "Vista" is actually okay! Also, the seven year-old is really good, and may be a famous player some day.) Best of all, Mom's most recent bout of ill-health appears to have been a timely warning sign, as opposed to a full-scale disaster.

I won't say I'm hopeful or optimistic about the rest of the year, but I'm only half as fatalistic as I was a couple of weeks ago....


bill said...

"Could be worse, it could be raining," he said as he glanced at the calendar and realized hurricane season was only 3 months away.

Glad things are looking up. I don't think I mentioned we got a Compaq laptop loaded with Vista a couple months ago. Cheap thing I won for 2nd place in the chili contest. Third place was a Wii. I was pissed. It's ok, and since we didn't have a laptop we use it as the bedroom computer with its only purpose being internet access.

And reminds me we're due for an IKEA trip to pick up more lights for the IKEA dining room cabinets.

Icepick said...

I thank you for your comment.

It was much, much better than 'Cats'.

(Apparently Lisa Hamilton and I are the only people who remember that skit.)