Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just a quick observation....

This week the local school board and the county commission came to a decision to relocate my old high school to another neighborhood several miles up the road. This is interesting on several counts.

First, such local leaders as my old neighborhood (Pine Hills) has do NOT want the high school moved. Renovated (rebuilt, actually), but not moved. It provides the most likely center for a renewal of that general area.

Second, the area to which the school will be relocated (Ocoee) does not WANT the school in their neighborhood. More precisely, they don't want the students from the old school coming into their nice area and ruining the place.

(The current student body has just about every problem you could think of: low academic performance, horrible 'family' structures, poverty, crime, high teen pregnancy rates, and did I mention that they're teenagers? Also, they're black, and the area to which the school will be moved is one of the whiter bastions left in central Florida. But if we're going to have an honest discussion of race, then it should be acknowledged that the students are, besides being black, have low academic performance, high pregnancy rates, commit more crimes than most, and oh yes, they're also teenagers.)

Third, the county will have to change the zoning laws for what can and cannot be built around Ocoee for the new school to be built. In fact it's this objection to new zoning laws as much as having the students from the old school running around in their 'quiet' neighborhoods that has the residents of Ocoee so fired up.

Fourth, the people of Ocoee actually organized a grassroots campaign and managed to stop these plans from going forward a few weeks ago.

So, if the school board and county commission decided a few weeks ago that they would scrap the relocation plans, why are they changing their minds now? Well, I can't be sure, but it appears that the reason they're doing this is because they don't care what their constituents want, and are going to does as they god damned well please. And if the voters don't like it then the voters can go fuck themselves with chainsaws, because there is no way we're ever going to get rid of the corrupt assholes that run the county.

But let me put this issue aside for the moment and make my (not so) quick observation. Have you noticed that government at all levels is increasingly willing to rub the voters faces in it? If the leaders want something, they're just going to back-door their way into it regardless of what the voters think. (You'll note that this is happening in Europe, too, most notably with the idea of the nations giving up their sovereignty to the EU.) I'm tired, and rambling more than usual, so I'm not going to dig up other examples. But when it comes right down to it our representative form of government doesn't really seem all that representative. I'm starting to think that the half of the country that doesn't vote actually has the right idea.

[Sorry Kim, I got distracted. I'll get to the funny post Thursday.]

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