Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Idle LOST Speculation

Someone else has probably already hit on this idea, but I don't read the boards so I haven't heard it.

We know that some people associated with the island seemingly can't die. My hypothesis is that anyone that commits a truly heinous act on the island can't die until they earn redemption. For example Locke is responsible for the death of his own father and it appears he can't die. Ben killed everyone on the island associated with the DHARMA project and he doesn't seem too afraid of death, although other things scare him. Richard seems to be immortal - perhaps he was on the Black Rock slaver's ship. Charlie killed a man in cold blood and has appeared a couple of times after being dead. Mikhail should be dead three times over now, and yet he keeps popping up, usually just in time to perform some new murderous scheme, so I think we can safely assume he's done other nasty things on the island. And now we know that the island won't let Michael die because he murdered two women in cold blood.

[Also note that some of the Others have died. They also seem to have been newer recruits, like Juliet, and not part of the core group that Richard had been a part of.]

It's unclear how heinous an act would be before sentencing one to a Purgatory-like existence. For example, Bernard and Jin helped kill several of the Others, but perhaps that won't count against them since it was done in defense of their families. Sayid, on the other hand, may be stuck as he tortured Sawyer. Ana-Lucia killed Shannon, but that was accidental.

Anyway, I think that's enough idle speculation for now....

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