Monday, July 14, 2008

To the Bastille!

In honor of Bastille Day I offer some tubage. YouTubage, that is.

First for something completely silly, footage of the traditional Washington DC Waiters' Race:

No wonder they hate us! Incidentally, storming the Bastille seems like a less silly way to kick off a revolution than dressing up as Indians and committing acts of vandalism. On the other hand our Revolution actually worked so maybe we had the right idea all along.

And now - Lumberjacks! Canadians!


AnastasiaBeaverhausen said...

In Philadelphia, the Bastille Day Committee meets at the old Eastern State Prison and "Marie Antoinette" yells "Let em eat Taskykakes" throwing packets of the hometown treats to the crowds - a lot more fun than running waiters...

Icepick said...

That does sound like more fun than running waiters!

Trooper York said...

Hey they play a game a lot like bocci on Smith St on Bastille day. This french bistro Joint on Smith and Pacific sets up a bocci court and sells stuff outside. It's big party.

I celebrated by setting a frog free. Of course it was in a competing boutique. Hey it's Bastille Day.