Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yearning for the Carter Years

It is amazing to me how much yearning for the Carter Years exists in this country. For example consider all of the studies one hears about concerning income inequality. Invariably (or so it seems) the studies always use 1980 as the year everything went to Hell. I ask you, would you rather have in today's economy with its growing income gap or in 1979s economy with its more level income levels?

Today I read a recent Paul Krugman column that also yearned for the Carter Years. Here's the relevant quote:

Reagan, for better or worse — I’d say for worse, but that’s another discussion — brought a lot of change.
Now I'm willing to acknowledge that not everything that Reagan did was an unalloyed good, but how can one reasonably think that the country was in better shape in 1979 than in 1989?

H/T Reader_Iam.


reader_iam said...

Oh, and are your ears burning? I mentioned you over at Callimachus' place.

reader_iam said...

Thanks for the link! (And absolutely no biggie, but you can actually link to specific posts at Tumblr, by clicking the "xx ago" hyperlink, which is really a permalink. Just an fyi.)

Now, to the point: I remember the '70s and earliest '80s, and acutely with regard to trying to get jobs as a high-schooler and a college student. (Also, I remember gas rationing, since I became eligible to drive early in Carter's term.) "Nostalgia" is not the word I'd choose.

Icepick said...

I wouldn't notice if they were. My unemployment compensation appeal hearing is tomorrow and I'm too nervous about that to worry about flaming appendages.

reader_iam said...

Oh, ouch. Good luck, you.

Icepick said...

Well, one way or another that will be over tomorrow.

Icepick said...

Reader, my hearing seems to have gone well. I will post more about this when I receive the official results in a few days.