Saturday, August 02, 2008

A brief comment about Doctor Who

I just watched the finale of season 4 of the new Doctor Who series. Once again, Dalek butt was kicked.

At some point in the penultimate episode the Daleks announce that they are responsible for stealing the Earth (just go with it) and that everyone will be exterminated. All of the Doctor's one-time associates start acting as though they are doomed. But I was thinking that if I were in their shoes I would be thinking, "Damn, Daleks again? I'd better put on the steel-toed boots for the duration."

Which leads me to my fantasy episodes for the fifth season of Doctor Who. (Yeah, I know that Brits would call that the fifth series, but my ancestors fought two wars against the British so we wouldn't have to speak bloody English.) I don't really have specifics for what would happen but it would go something like this:

At the end of, say, episode 8 it would be revealed that all of the bad things in the previous few episodes had been leading to the Daleks.

Daleks: Exterminate! Exterminate!
Doctor [looking up]: It can't be. They were all destroyed. Again!
New Companion [looking at Doctor]: But .. who are they?
Doctor [looking at New Companion]: Daleks.
New Companion: And what does that mean?
Doctor [camera pans in to close-up on Doctor's face]: The end of the world.

Cut to the "Scenes from next week" montage, chock full of Dalek/Doctor goodness.

Roll end credits.
Then at the start of Episode 9, the whole Dalek crisis gets wrapped up with hardly any fuss before the opening credits roll! Two minutes to save the Universe, tops. The rest of the episode has an entirely different story with no mention of the Daleks save this: the Doctor limps through the rest of the show complaining of a sore foot - sore from repeated kicking of Dalek butt.

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