Wednesday, August 06, 2008

McCain Contributions (Part 1)

I'm not sure how many (if any) parts there will be, but via Instapundit I saw a post on asking about certain alleged McCain contributors mentioned in a Washington Post story.

The WaPo article mentions the following people:

Nadia and Shawn Abdalla
Ibrahim Marabeh

The Townhall post points out that they can't find these people listed as McCain donors on I just wanted to confirm that I can't find McCain contributions in the raw data from the FEC either. (Using files that cover all contributions through June 30, 2008.)

On the other hand these other people mentioned in the WaPo article do show up in the FEC records:

Abdullah and Miriam Abdullah
Faisal Abdullah
Nader and Sahar Alhawash

It's not really that helpful but I have looked at the raw data, instead of looking at the Open Secrets data.

Additional Notes: Open Secrets is pretty good, but it is not infallible. For example look at this listing of contributions from people with the last name of Anderle. There have been several contributions from Charles K. Anderle. Open Secrets lists C. K. Anderle as living in both Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Chagrin Falls, South Carolina. Looking at the actual data from the FEC, however, I can see that Anderle has listed both Chagrin Falls, OH and Beaufort, SC for his home town. He seems to have moved sometime between June of 2007 and January of 2008. This example shows a small problem, of course, but it does demonstrate that data need to be examined carefully. One shouldn't just take stuff on faith.

(Incidentally, the FEC records are a mess too. I'm still trying to figure out how to clean it up efficiently.)

Also? Chagrin Falls is a great name for a town!

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reader_iam said...

I like "Chagrin Rises," myself.