Saturday, August 30, 2008

Personal Note

I am back home again, for a few hours at least. My brother may or may not be reaching the absolute end of his life. For those few readers who don't know, he has terminal cancer - he's going to be dead soon regardless. It's just a question of exactly when. That looked very close Wednesday night and Thursday, but looks a little farther away now. So blogging may be heavy, non-existent, or sporadic in coming days.


Pastor_Jeff said...

Oh my gosh, Outis -- I don't think I knew that.

I am so sorry for all of you.

You've said before that you're not offended by the mention that others a re praying for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that all will go as well as it can, given the circumstances.

Hurricane Heather said...


You and the fam continue to be on my prayer list.

Godspeed, my friend.

Icepick said...

Jeff, I don't mind. Really, at this point the best thing for my brother would be a fast demise. The only comfort for him at the moment will be the grave, since the painkillers no longer seem to work at any dosage.

But I thank you and Heather. Pray for my Mom, as she's the one that will probably need comforting the most.

Pastor_Jeff said...

I've heard it said that the 'positive' part of a long illness is that at least it gives you time to prepare and grieve; you're not caught off guard, you can do whatever business you may need to. And in many circumstances, death can be a welcome release.

Still, I'm of course sorry that this has come to you all, and my heart goes out to your family. I'll pray for you all, your mother especially.

reader_iam said...


AnastasiaBeaverhausen said...

I am with all the other commenters, dear know what we are dealing with so we are sympathetic to your day at a time.

Michael Reynolds said...

My younger sister died just over a year ago of cancer. 48. Leaving behind a 2 year old daughter. I learned about it while shouting into a cell phone over the chants of Hare Krishna outside the Nutelleria in Bologna, Italy.

The kind of tragic/comic scene I'd be afraid to invent because it seems too forced.

I hope it goes as easy as possible for him and for you.