Saturday, August 30, 2008

The question must be asked!

On making a slight detour I stumbled across this series of one man's thoughts on the 40 greatest grunge songs. Concerning his number three song, Soundgarden's Outshined, he writes,

Focus on the interlude that starts just before 3:00. On the surface, there's not much going on here -- no key change or guitar solo or anything. But a gentle little passage like this, in a song that's otherwise anything but gentle, is the kind of thing that elevates a song, and distinguished Soundgarden from 99.99% of grunge bands.
My immediate thought was, "Were there 10,000 grunge bands?"


Pastor_Jeff said...

It's the little details that matter.

And I like looking through bad-grammar and wrong-use-of-apostrophes blogs.

John Althouse Cohen said...

Oh, and thanks for the link

John Althouse Cohen said...

Oh, I'll bet there were 10,000 grunge bands back in the day.

Icepick said...

Well, yeah, counting all the ones that never got out of their garages or basements! But I can't believe that many got recording deals.

And you're welcome. Although I can 100% guarantee that anyone reading here would have seen it at your mother's blog first.