Friday, August 08, 2008


Perhaps the greatest movie ever filmed in Orlando, Florida.

Second best part of the trailer: "Starring Christopher Atkins, two-time recipient of the National Association of Theater Owners Star of the Year Award - first for The Blue Lagoon, now for Shakma!"

Best part: "SHAKMAAAA!"

I wonder if anyone has ever walked up to Dennis Haysbert with a copy of Shakma and asked for him to autograph it. He does GREAT work in this trailer!

H/T to my good friend H5N1 for pointing out this post by Ken at KENNNNNNNN BLOGGGGGGG.

Added: I used to do a pretty good Shakma imitation. Here's how I did it: Find a sturdy, locked, solid wood or solid metal door. Start screaming at the top of one's lungs while waving one's arms about frantically. Throw oneself against the door repeatedly. Keep this up until a concusion has been achieved. THAT is how one does a primo Shakma imitation.

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