Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thuggery [Updated]

Thuggery comes in many shapes in sizes - especially political thuggery. Unfortunately these kinds of things seem to be becoming more and more common.

Note that the second story reflects as badly on McCain as Obama, as McCain has been on of the driving forces for regulating political speech in this country. Of course, the desire to censor political talk extends to both parties.

These are depressing times.

Update: More on the Obama campaign's efforts to smear or scare critics here.

More on the arrest of an ABC reporter here, with video footage of the arrest here. It's interesting to see the police push a reporter into traffic and then arrest him for blocking traffic. (Also? That was a crappy choke hold the police used. Denver police suck as thugs.) It reminds me of the classical definition of chutzpah.

I had thought that Obama was yearning to recreate the Carter Presidency, but perhaps it's Nixon whom he will emulate. Overall this doesn't bode well for an Obama Presidency. (And it certainly continues to demonstrate the Big Lie at the heart of the Obama Campaign -the lie that HE will bring us all together.) Unfortunately the country is between Scylla and Charybdis this election, although few seem to realize it.

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AnastasiaBeaverhausen said...

The McCain camp (or should I say the Neo-Nazi Rove Republican Assholes) are doing the exact same thing. Lets see how you deal with all this when Frick and Frack meet in the Twin Cities next week!