Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crooks 6, Cops 0

Today (or rather, yesterday), I discovered that my Mom's car has been vandalized again. That marks (I think) the fourth time this year. It might actually be more than that, as I have honestly lost track. Add to that the time her home was invaded and the time my house was burglarized, and the crooks have run up six goals this year. The cops haven't stopped any of these, nor have they caught any of the perps, even when everyone involved has known who the perps were. So, Crook 6, Cops 0. Perhaps that should actually be Cop -1, as they made as big a mess as the Crooks did when they dusted our house for finger prints after the burglary. Not a good year for the Cops. Perhaps we should institute a Mercy Rule....

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