Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ed Hochuli - Is he a crook, or simply incompetent?

Ed Hochuli has just completely fucked the San Diego Chargers. His call late in the San Diego - Denver game was so astoundingly incompetent that it defies belief. (Note to those who don't know: Hochuli is supposed to be one of the best officials in the NFL.) His ruling of "incomplete" may be the worst single call I have ever seen made by any official in any sport. He ought to be suspended fired immediately pending an investigation of whether or not he's on the take. What a fucking joke.

NFL officiating has become so bad that half of the games I watch are decided by the referees. Last week the officiating during the Tampa Bay - New Orleans was atrocious. Obvious face mask and holding penalties weren't called, giving the Saints an undeserved game in the win column.

Honest to God I hope the NFL is rigged, because I would hate to think they're that god damned incompetent. Regardless, I need to stop watching the NFL. When the officiating becomes the key to every other game, it's no longer worth watching.

Added: The officials had also given the Broncos seven points in the first half when their review equipment magically stopped working just long enough to fuck the Chargers on a challenge. The officials GAVE the Broncos 15 points in this game. If the NFL gives a damn about integrity they will fire everyone on the officiating crew, forfeit Denver and give San Diego the win they actually earned. However, given that "Hochuli specializes in civil litigation in the areas of Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability, Complex Litigation, Insurance Coverage and Fraud, Legal Malpractice and Professional Liability, Product Liability Defense" there's exactly zero chance that the NFL will do anything other than once again give Hochuli the reward of officiating the Super Bowl.


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Referee Ed Hochuli is very crooked!!!! He is on the take. The " Go to Guy " to fix a game.