Friday, September 26, 2008

High Colonic

Reading this excellent summary of the current crisis finally brought to mind the correct comparison.

Think of the overall economy as a body. The financial system isn't the circulatory system, it's the digestive system. Food (money) goes in, gets processed, provides energy (loans & such), and eventually the waste gets excreted to provide fertilizer to grow more food. The problem at the moment is that the food has gone in (money into financial institutions), been processed to provide energy (home loans, etc.), but the waste has NOT been excreted to provide more fertilizer. Basically, the financial system has a blockage, so the whole economy has become constipated.

Believe it or not, constipation can kill you if it gets bad enough. Your guts will knot up and eventually something somewhere will break. What's needed in this case is powerful enema.

And so, what we have is a blockage (liquidity crisis) that needs a high colonic (some form of bailout). We'll flush water (money) up the wrong end (that is, via the government, which is the body's asshole) to shake "things" (home loans) loose, letting the system regain its equilibrium.

Aside: Yes, government is the asshole of the economy - it's necessary, but it ain't pretty, and only perverts want to spend their lives there. Unfortunately, today's economic body is over one-third asshole. That can't be good.


Pastor_Jeff said...

The last two paragraphs are the ones that killed me!

And that imagery is too perfect because it shows the utter inanity of those who think that government is (or should be) the brains. They literally don't know their head from their arse.

Icepick said...

They literally don't know their head from their arse.

This is a satisfying comment to read. It's always a pleasure to know one has hit the mark with the readers!

Ron said...

With any luck the blogosphere will be the magazine we read while we take a good long dump. And you truly learn what your Lehman certificates are good for!

Hurricane Heather said...

Sepsis sucks.