Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A great send up!

Favorite line: "If you want to be President I suggest you enuciate."

H/T Althouse

Added: Heather, somehow this reminds me of you.


Hurricane Heather said...

I am absolutely flattered that you compared me to our new vice president. I am enamored, enthralled, intrigued.....HECKFIRE, I may just be in love with her!

My favorite line: "Hold your horses there, Northern Exposure."

Pastor_Jeff said...

Awesome! I loved it.

"He's a speech-writing monster!"

"Say my name! Say it!"

justkim said...

There's 18 million cracks in teh glass ceiling, and it's about to start raining shards!

bill said...


bill said...

Just watched it. The Wife applauded. I don't know who did this, but if Palin pulls off any of that type of attitude in her speech tonight this is the greatest political ad ever.

Only John McCain raising his arms above his shoulders kinda ruined the allusion.

Hurricane Heather said...

"I haven't just been eatin' mooseburgers and popping out babies."