Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Joy of Procrastination

Procrastination certainly has its pleasures. First amongst these is the joy that comes from a long delayed task suddenly becoming irrelevant - if your house gets flooded then it doesn't matter if you put off the dusting and vacuuming for a couple of days. (And in that scenario you need to take what pleasures you can!)

Another potential pleasure happens when someone does the job for you. This pleasure may be dampened by feelings of guilt - you didn't do the dusting and vacuuming, so your spouse did it for you. Of course, if the house gets flooded two days later you can say, "See? This is why I was putting that off."

But it is also possible for someone to do something for you, and to do it better than you could have done it yourself, and to feel no remorse at all. For example, I've been meaning to write about the potential irrational behavior of scientists for some time. I even had examples lined up of very intelligent scientists committing acts of nonsense in the guise of rationality.

But happily Razib has done the job for me, so now all I have to do is add a link.


justkim said...

Hm. Does this mean the kitchen won't be clean when I get home?

Icepick said...

Why, whatever do you mean?