Sunday, September 07, 2008

Laptop Blogging

That's what I'm doing currently, and it's no fun whatsoever. My brother is once more hitting a rough patch, so I'm at my mother's house blogging from his laptop and starving. Blogging from a laptop isn't very convenient, and I don't see the appeal.

I'm starving because I'm not eating (duh), and I'm not eating for two reasons: first, there's not much to eat here as Mom subsists on cigarettes and coffee; second, Mom's house reeks of cigarette smoke, and she's puffing on more cancer sticks than usual even as her oldest son dies in the other end of the house from lung cancer. (To be fair, my brother still smokes too, when he's well enough.) I did think to bring some food of my own, but the cigarette smoke and the stench of death (or rather, the stench of cancer - you can smell it) are currently winning the battle with my raging stomach. I expect the stomach to win about half hour from now, but currently the olfactory sense is fighting a successful rear-guard action.

PS I'm not looking for sympathy, and I don't want your prayers. You can pray for Mom and my brother if you wish, but not for me. I will explain sometime in the future.

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