Sunday, September 28, 2008

Low Expectations [Update]

The early ratings suggest that the Senator Obama - John debate had lower numbers than the first Bush-Kerry debate. The numbers were comparable to the Clinton-Dole debate in 1996. (Final numbers should be out on Monday.) I believe that this election will have a low turnout. Of course, I get ill when ever I see either of these clowns on TV, so I might not be the best indicator of voter excitement this election.

Incidentally, I skipped the debate. I did record it, but decided to delete it. I see no reason to make myself miserable watching one of these wretched excuses for debates. Nothing I've read since then makes me doubt my decision to skip it.

UPDATE: Lower viewer totals have been confirmed.

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bill said...

While I was driving around unsuccessfully looking for gas, I listened to the first question on the radio. Changed the channel after their refusal to even approach something resembling an answer.

But I just skimmed through the transcript for an autosummarizing project. While little of substance of substance was said, McCain owned Obama. BO was whiny and defensive and I counted at least 5 times that he said McCain was "absolutely right."

And Lehrer was just weird:
LEHRER: Say it directly to him.
OBAMA: I do not think that they are.
LEHRER: Say it directly to him.
OBAMA: Well, the -- John, 10 days ago, you said that the fundamentals of the economy are sound. And...
MCCAIN: Are you afraid I couldn't hear him?
LEHRER: I'm just determined to get you all to talk to each other.