Monday, September 15, 2008

Yeah, 'cause THAT doesn't sound ominous... [Update]

Last week at the black-tie dinner in Washington which closed a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gathering, Obama said:

“This election is about the 12 million people living in the shadows, the communities taking immigration enforcement into their own hand. They are counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves, and rise above the fear, and rise above the demagoguery, and finally enact comprehensive immigration reform. [emphasis added]”
How, exactly, does Obama intend to stop the "hateful rhetoric"? Perhaps he'll sick his lawyers the Justice Department on anyone he considers "hateful". I guess they don't teach the free speech clause of the First Amendment at Harvard Law School or the University of Chicago Law School.

This isn't the first time Obama has ignored the Constitution in his rhetoric. During his speech at the Democratic Convention Obama said the following:
But I will also go through the federal budget, line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less - because we cannot meet twenty-first century challenges with a twentieth century bureaucracy.
The first problem is that the President doesn't make the budget, Congress does. Second, his speech implies that he will use a line item veto - which is another power that the President doesn't have. I suppose I should chalk this bit up to the usual stupid campaign rhetoric as used by all politicians in all elections. However, given that he is supposed to be brilliant AND a Constitutional scholar, I believe we should expect better from him. And given his proclivities to ignore the right to free speech, I feel no need to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I'm thinking that Bill needs to update his scorecard. Perhaps he needs a new category for "Constitution-abusing, lollipop-and-rainbow farting unicorn's dick." Which sounds like something one would find in an Chinese pharmacopoeia, alongside the rhinoceros horn and seahorses.

Update: Outstanding.


bill said...

The problem with updating the scorecard, is that Obama has not yet abused the Constitution. He has not done much of anything about anything other than talk. So if forced to choose between Obama and McCain, I'd have to consider the fact that McCain has already unleashed a stream on the Constitution and factor in how much piss he might have left and then compare that to the amount of piss I think Obama is holding back. Because for the latter, I think he's about to suffer kidney failure if he doesn't get some relief.

Pastor_Jeff said...

DId you read through the talking points in the "Obama Action Wire" (which, by the way, is till using a variation of Obama's new Presidential seal)?

"Freddoso thinks he's an expert on everything"


Ooooh, that Freddoso thinks he so smart!

Icepick said...

Bill, then how's about "Wannabe Constitution-abusing, lollipop-and-rainbow farting unicorn's dick"?

Jeff, I had not seen that. It's incredible! Here's a favorite phrase, "This question is so ridiculous it refutes itself."

Simply being ridiculous does not mean that a question refutes itself. This is soooo depressing....

reader_iam said...

factor in how much piss he might have left

Oh, I think I think he's given us a pretty clear indicator that, regardless of how much piss he personally has left, he knows how to use it to leave a likely, and perhaps lasting, legacy.

Icepick said...

Reader, that's exactly why I can't stomach voting for McCain. (Still not voting for Obama, either.)

bill said...

Chinese Unicorn, though Borges wrote nothing on its pissing abilities.