Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bona fide local color

I know people think of the Pacific Northwest when thinking of anti-government kooks that refuse to pay taxes, but we have some in Florida too. Our weather is good whether you're an upright citizen of the US or a genuine sovereign nation!

Joel Brinkle keeps getting arrested for driving without a license. So far, it has happened three times. He doesn't need a license, he said, because, just like his wife, he has proclaimed himself a sovereign nation.
Just read the whole thing, as it gets much funnier.

Note that although they have declared themselves outside of US governmental authority, they still collect Social Security. This fits in well with the comments to this post at Amba's. I almost suspect them of perpetrating a monumental piece of performance art!

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justkim said...

Well, if the Brinkles paid into Social Security, they're entited to collect. I'm sure they believe that, as a sovreign nation (nations? Are they each a separate nation?), they provided the US with a loan, which is now in repayment, with interest.