Monday, October 27, 2008


This interview (now being headlined by Drudge) exposes Obama's total lack of respect for the Constitution, his belief that government should not be limited in any way, his belief in punishing people for success, and his belief that the government should decide who can and should have wealth. [Here's a link to a partial transcript, as I fully expect the Obama people or the Google people to remove this from YouTube soon.] This SHOULD be enough to cost Obama the election. Honestly, he should lose every state by at least 30 or 40 points. That is, IF Americans still believe in limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.

But they don't. So the best that could happen would be that Obama loses a squeaker. But that's also unlikely. Obama is going to win, and win by at least a comfortable margin - both electorally and in the popular vote.

Forget the polls, and whether or not they show a close race or a big win for Obama. The polls have had increasing difficulties both in creating a good random sample (cell phones are partly to blame for this) and in determining the proper weighting to give to each party. The polls are useless this year and should be ignored. Instead look at two other factors, one objective and one subjective.

First, which states are the campaigns focusing on? It's not surprising that they're focusing on states Bush won in 2004 - after all, Bush won because of swing states. Such states are called thus because they swing from election to election. But McCain is working hard in Virginia and North Carolina. That is NOT good. (I expect that link to change, but it currently shows that the McCain campaign will be in Virginia three times in the coming week, Pennsylvania three times, Ohio twice and North Carolina once.)

Second, which campaign feels like a winner? McCain's campaign seems desperate, and McCain campaign workers trying to lay the blame on Palin confirms that his people are trying to save their own asses first and foremost, their candidate be damned. By contrast, Obama's campaign looks confident even when they're telling people that the election will be close and that no one should take anything for granted.

All of this adds up to an Obama win. And Obama doesn't even like the USA, its Constitution, or its founding principles! The game is lost, and the Republic is dead. The time has come to make plans for surviving in a world that despises liberty.

ADDED: Althouse makes the point that Obama's views aren't that extraordinary in the legal profession. That doesn't make me feel any better.

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