Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More damned political signs

Driving through College Park (one of the city of Orlando's better middle-to-upper-middle class neighborhoods) Sunday I counted a 10 to 6 advantage for Obama. But McCain leads in area as one family put up a 4' by 6' McCain/Palin sign. Note that I'm only counting houses with signs. Some families have put up two signs in their yard in an effort to make it look like a neighbor also supports their candidate. Sometimes the second sign blocks a neighbor's sign for the other guy. One family has almost completely obstructed the view of their Obama sign by placing a "Vote No on 2" sign directly in front of it.

I do take the same route every time, but I may be paying more or less attention on any given day. I didn't keep a strict count yesterday or today, but it seems like the layout and number of signs varies daily. And I know that the first time I drove through their last week there were more McCain signs. I suspect signs may be stolen at night.

I also drove around the smaller towns of Ocoee and Winter Garden on Sunday. I only saw one sign in Ocoee (McCain), but McCain signs were EVERYWHERE in Winter Garden. I did finally spot one Obama sign, but all the other signs in the yard were for local Republicans so I believe the Obama thing may be a protest vote. (Kim, I forgot about that sign when I told you about this.) I did see one other piece of Obamania in Winter Garden - a bumper sticker on the back of a rusted-out panel van. The van was in desperate need of a junk heap upon which to fling itself.

All told, if McCain wins Ocoee and Winter Garden but loses Winter Park and Orlando, then he's toast in Orange County. At the very least McCain needs to keep it competitive in Orange County if he has any hope of carrying the state.

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